What Charger Does Kindle Use? [Full List Version-Wise!]

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Whether you’ve ordered a new Kindle device or perhaps you have misplaced the charger for your Kindle, it is important to know what charger a Kindle uses!

Kindle devices 10th generation or below use a USB 2.0 (micro-USB) charger. Whereas, the latest Kindle Paperwhite, Signature Edition, and the Kids Edition use a USB C charger. Likewise, Kindle Fire 8 HD, Fire 8 HD Plus, and Fire HD 10 use a USB C charger while Fire 7 Tablet has a USB 2.0 port.

Different Kindle devices use different charging ports. Therefore, it becomes quite important to know which charger to buy for your Kindle as you don’t want to end up with the wrong one!

In this article, I will list down the different types of chargers that various versions of Kindle use so that you can easily compare and make a purchase! Plus, I will also recommend the best charger to buy for your Kindle!

So, let’s get started!

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What Charger Does Kindle Use?

By now, you already know that different variants of Kindle use different charger types.

Below, I’ve compiled a list of all the different Kindle devices and the type of charger used for each. Make sure you match your Kindle device from the below list and identify the right charger for your device. Simply click on the link to view the charger on Amazon.

A table illustrating various Kindle versions along with the charger used

S. NoKindle VariantVersionPort TypeLink to Charger HeadLink to Charging Cable
1Kindle10th GenUSB 2.0Amazon Original Charger (5W)Amazon Original Micro-USB Cable
2Kindle Paperwhite11th GenUSB CAmazon Original Charger (5W)Kindle Type C Cable
3Kindle Paperwhite (Signature Edition)USB CAmazon Original Charger (5W)Kindle Type C Cable
4Kindle Paperwhite KidsUSB CAmazon Original Charger (5W)Kindle Type C Cable
5Kindle Oasis10th GenUSB 2.0Amazon Original Charger (5W)Amazon Original Micro-USB Cable
6Kindle Fire 7 Tablet9th GenUSB 2.0Amazon Original Charger (5W)Amazon Original Micro-USB Cable
7Kindle Fire 8 HD10th GenUSB CAmazon Original Charger (5W)Kindle Type C Cable
8Kindle Fire 8 HD Plus10th GenUSB CAmazon Original Charger (5W)Kindle Type C Cable
9Kindle Fire HD 1011th GenUSB C9W Amazon Original ChargerKindle Type C Cable
Note – this list is updated for 2022

If you are not sure what version of the device you are using, you can easily verify it against the serial number of your device.

Check out my other article on “How to Find Your Kindle Serial Number“. In it, I also share a handy table that you can use to match the serial number codes to identify your Kindle version!

Generally speaking, most Kindle devices have been using a USB 2.0 charging port (also known as micro-USB). Kindle transitioned to the USB type C charging only as recently as 2021!

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So, another way of looking at it is if you have bought your Kindle device in 2020 or earlier, you most likely need a USB 2.0 charger for your Kindle! However, things do get complicated if you have purchased your device in 2021 or thereafter.

For that, you will need to map your device against the table above and verify the device charger type used.

Do All Kindles Use the Same Charger?

All Kindles, with the exception of Kindle Fire HD 10, use the same charger head (5 Watt). Kindle Fire HD 10 uses a 9W charger head. However, the charging cord used along with the charger head may vary from one Kindle device to another.

Once again, the devil is in the detail. While the charger head may be common for most Kindle devices, the charging port or the cable used can vary from one device to another.

Make sure to check out the table listed in the previous section for getting the correct charger head and the charging cable for your Kindle device.

Does Kindle Come With a Charger?

Most Kindle devices, with the exception of Kindle Fire Tablets, come with a charging cable inside the box but not the charging head. Kindle Fire Tablets are provided with both a charging cord as well as a charger.

There are various reasons why Amazon does so. I’ve actually written a detailed article on this topic on why Kindle devices don’t come with chargers. Make sure to click on the link and check it out.

Best Charger to Buy For Your Kindle

When it comes to purchasing a charger for your Kindle, it is recommended to get the original Amazon charger that is designed for Kindle devices.

As you may have noticed from the table earlier in the article, most Kindle devices use a 5W charger head by Amazon. I’d recommend going with this kindle charger.

However, if you own a Kindle Fire HD 10, then you may need to buy a 9W charger for your Kindle device. You can use the 5W charger too, but it will just take longer than usual to charge your device.

Best Charging Cable for Your Kindle

Most kindle devices come packed with a charging cable. If your Kindle device didn’t come with a charging cable inside the box, you may need to contact Amazon Customer Support before you decide to purchase a new cable!

That said, if you aren’t able to resolve the issue with the customer support team or perhaps you’ve misplaced your existing Kindle cable, there are a few options you can choose to go with –

1. Amazon Original Micro-USB Cable

This charging cord is most suitable if your device has a USB 2.0 charging port. It is an Amazon original cable specifically designed for products sold by Amazon such as the Kindle, FireTV, etc.

So, you can rest assured that this cable will be compatible with your device and is built with the highest quality standards.

The cable is 5 feet long and is sufficient for charging a Kindle device when kept near the charging point.

2. NKG Type C Cable for Kindle Devices

If your Kindle device supports a USB Type C charging port, then this NKG Type C Charging Cable is perfect for your device!

This product comes with an extra-long 10-feet charging cord. The cable itself is nylon-braided. This means you get enhanced durability of the cable, and the charging cord remains tangle-free; something most modern charging cables sport.

I’d highly recommend this charging cable if you are looking out for a type C charging cord.

3. Kindle Charging Cable Replacement

Finally, the third option that I recommend going for is this Kindle charging cable replacement cord. It is not an Amazon original product, but it does function well with most Kindle devices.

The advantage of this cable is that it comes with both a USB 2.0 port as well as an adaptor to add a USB Type C port. So, if you are unsure of the charging port for your device, you can buy this cable as it will support all types of Kindle devices!

This charging cable also supports 2.0 fast-charging up to 5A.

Can You Charge Kindle With Your Phone Charger?

Finally, if you have an extra charger from your phone lying around in your house, you might be tempted to know if this could charge your Kindle device.

Although a phone charger with a compatible charging port will charge your Kindle device, it is likely to damage your Kindle’s battery over a longer duration. It is recommended to use an Amazon original charging head for your Kindle device.

Thus, it is best to use your phone charger to charge your Kindle device just once or twice, or if you can’t get the original charger delivered to you before you need to use the Kindle.

Furthermore, when you plan to use the phone charger, make sure it matches the technical specifications of the original Amazon Kindle charger.

Finally, check out my detailed guide to know exactly how long should a Kindle take to charge!

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