Is Reading Bad for Your Eyes?

The statement is often made that reading can ruin your eyes.

But although reading, like any other task that requires intense focusing, can put a strain on your eyes it is a myth that reading always harms your eyes permanently.

It may, however, lead to other symptoms, like headaches or fatigue and it can give you some red eyes.

Studies have shown that one of the main reasons we might develop temporarily sight-related issues when reading is because we rarely blink while reading. This deprives our eyes of rest and muscle movement.

Fortunately, for all these temporary eye strain effects that reading may have on our eyes, there are ways to reduce and even prevent the effects.

However, we have to mention that it is possible that certain external aspects like constant exposure to direct sunlight or HEV light when reading might ruin your eyesight to a certain extent.

But if you are aware of the possible damage, you can avoid situations where your eyes might be damaged.

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