Is it Good to Read a Book a Day?

It is possible to read a book in a single day. Frequent readers with a reading speed of  300 words per minute will be able to read a novel of average length within about 5 hours.

However, to achieve this you’ll have to read whenever you have time during the day. The secret is to have your book always with you or near you so that you can read whenever the opportunity arises.

It will take you about 5 hours of reading to finish an average novel a day.

Studies have shown that you finish your book faster when you are intrigued by the story or reading about a topic you’re really interested in.

So, don’t just read any book to keep up with your intended one-book-a-day schedule – choose books that you want to read!

It has been proven that if you listen to white noise or instrumental music on headphones while reading you can read faster as it eliminates distractions.

One of the easiest ways to keep yourself interested in what you read every day is to alternate between fiction and non-fiction books.

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