Can Reading Improve Your Focus? Here’s What You Should Know!

To understand how reading improves concentration, we’ll have to look at the connection in the brain between reading and focus.

Studies have shown that the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and the dorsal anterior cingulate cortex are two of the areas in the brain that are stimulated while reading.

It is the same areas where concentration, attention, planning, and decision-making activities take place in the brain.

Thus, as reading stimulates the areas in the brain that are activated when you are focusing on something, and frequent reading keeps these areas “in shape,” reading ultimately contributes to an improved concentration capability.

Reading books can also positively affect focus while studying. Studying often requires long periods of concentration.

Reading, especially fiction, improves specific brain connectivity which is needed for a long attention span.

If your brain is used to focusing on a specific task or topic without unconsciously switching between different activities, it is easier to concentrate on specific content when you study.

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