Can Reading Aloud Help With Stuttering?

Reading out loud can help with stuttering. In reading aloud you are seeing the words that need to be spoken and this often helps you not to stutter.

By practicing this frequently it might be possible for you to stop stuttering altogether over time.

The problem with stuttering is that it affects you mostly during “spontaneous” conversations and not so much while you are reading a script or speaking a memorized speech.

Many people who stutter will tell you that they can read out loud in private with almost no stutter, but when they are in the real world trying to engage in conversations, they can not help but stammer.

It is when you have to think of words in your head to say is when you stutter, rather than when reading a written script.

But with all this said, reading out loud can still help you both directly and indirectly.

To read out loud without stuttering can give you the confidence to know that at least you can read without a stutter. And one day you may as well be able to speak fluently.

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