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This was my first Alex Lake novel. Yet, one look at the story peg, and I knew I wanted to explore it. A family has been ripped apart. A lawyer’s children have been kidnapped, and they will be let go only if his wife agrees to swap herself for them! Should she? Would he let her? Is this a trap?

Let’s just dive right in! 

The Choice 
Author: Alex Lake
Publish date: Aug 20, 2020
Publisher: HarperCollins
Category: General Fiction (Adult)  | Mystery & Thrillers

Book Review

Rating: 4/5


Brilliant! Such an edge of your seat thriller. I wanted to read it one sitting. The whole premise of the story is love. However, who loves whom is something I will leave you to discover.  

I did jump around a bit guessing the villain of the story, but then after a point it’s evident. Despite that I kept turning the pages late into the night – credit to its breathless style of writing. 


A man’s children have been abducted. He had looked away for just a few minutes, but now they’re no longer in sight. 

The children have been kidnapped for ransom. And the kidnapper is willing to let them go, if his wife swaps herself in their place. It is her choice to make.

Can a mother turn her back on her children? Does a husband have the right to ask her to swap herself? Can a child live with the guilt of being saved in exchange for his mother’s life?

My Opinion:

In my opinion this is a fast paced novel; something you’d want to take to the beach to read. It has lots of action, and keeps the momentum going. 

You meet several characters, including this whiny ex girlfriend who was super annoying.  The sister too who I just didn’t like. 

I like the fact that it isn’t too heavy, and we don’t have to get too involved with the villain. 

How To Buy The Book:

Good news! This book is out now, and can be bought online as well. It is easily available on Amazon.

Here is a link to the book (Amazon link):

More About the Author:

This is a British author who writes under the pen name, Alex Lake. He debuted with a bestseller, After Anna, in 2015. If you liked reading this book, then perhaps you may also be interested in his other books mentioned below.

His other books include Killing Kate, Copycat, The Last Lie and Seven Days.

Alex now lives in the North East of the US. You can follow him on:
Twitter: @alexlakeauthor

Questions for the Book Club 

IMP: SPOILER ALERT, visit this section only after you’ve read the book:

  1. Do you think all mothers will make the choice of exchanging themselves for their children?
  2. Does a spouse have the right to ask his/her partner to put themself in harm’s way to save him/her? Or to save their children?
  3. Lindsey had tried to sabotage Matt’s relationship several times. Do you think Tessa’s friendship with her brother’s girlfriend, Lindsey, was acceptable? Was it really out of loyalty?
  4. Matt says he wants more children as he is not happy to see his kids grow up so soon. Do you think Matt is pressuring Annabelle to have children because he fears being alone in his old age? Is Annabelle being manipulated?
  5. The police officer believes that a man and woman cannot be friends if they’ve known each other for several years. Do you agree with the officer’s assessment?

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